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Rent a car in Bishkek with and without driver is a service offered by our company in Kyrgyzstan! From now on you can also do it in Dushanbe, Tajikistan or Almaty, Kazakhstan. In our rent company you will find a great car rental service and reasonable prices. We issue documents for car rental very quickly. To learn more about car rental in Bishkek, you need to write to us on e-mail of our car rent company in Kyrgyzstan. Our car rent staff will find you the right car at the lowest prices. Car rental in Bishkek is very convenient for trips to the mountains, many interesting places in Kyrgyzstan and in Bishkek. We will be happy to offer car rental at the best prices in Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan car for rent Lexus GX470      Kyrgyzstan car for rent Lexus GX470

Kyrgyzstan car for rent Lexus LX470      Kyrgyzstan car for rent Lexus LX470


Kyrgyzstan car for rent Toyota 4Runner      Kyrgyzstan car for rent Toyota 4Runner


Kyrgyzstan car for rent Toyota Land Cruiser 200      Kyrgyzstan car for rent Toyota Land Cruiser 200



Climate, weather and how to dress 
To make it easier for you to focus in the weather conditions of the country, we offer overview of weather and climate. It will help you to choose clothes according to the weather conditions on your tour. It rains here only 70 days a year, almost always sunny. Climate in Kyrgyzstan is sharply continental due to the remoteness from the sea and oceans. But even in summer car for rent route is a good choice for travelling. The reason for this is that it's cold in the mountains and the higher you climb the colder it becomes. Winter in Bishkek is sunny but there are a lot of fogs and snowstorms. The average daily temperature reaches 3 ° C. In spring time due to the mild of the weather good choice for rent is Bishkek Lexus LX470. The hot days starts in May and July. In summer period the average temperature is 31 ° C, but it can increase to 45 ° C. A lot of citizens start to use air conditioning, but of course not everywhere. And colorful season is autumn, all plants cover themselves in different colors- red, yellow, green. The rains become usual thing. Spring and autumn seasons are usually shorten the summer and winter.

How did the ancestors live? - the yurts
You can use cars for rent in Kyrgyzstan to see that the culture and way of life of modern people has great impact from their nomadic past. Since ancient times, the ancestors of the Kyrgyz people wandered in different places in the expanses of Siberia, were engaged in cattle breeding, mainly horses. They were skilled rider who fought against numerous enemies. Unfortunately they left Siberia to find shelter, due to it they moved to the Tian Shan and Pamir mountains. The nomadic way of life made them strong warriors, hardened by endless battles. You can learn more about them by renting a car in Kyrgyzstan. But even with such way of life they neede something that will give them protection from bad weather, give warmth and comfort to the whole family and their friends. Kyrgyz yurts is their home that gave great advantage due to its mobility, it was always at hand wherever they went. The meaning of the word "jurt" is the "father's land" from Kyrgyz language. The name comes from the home and homeland of the people. By having Kyrgyzstan rent car program you will know the idea - where the Yurt stands, there is the Fatherland.

Shopping - what can I bring from Kyrgyzstan
At the end of the tour, tourists have a desire to preserve something as a happy memory of time spent in the country. Furthermore by spending time along on Kyrgyzstan car for rent route you will want something that will resemble the country. And the famous things for tourists are   clothes for men and skirts for women, national costumes, hats out of felt. Kyrgyzstan is famous for its leather production. At the end of your car rent tour you can visit jewelry stores to make great present for your loved ones. You can find there a great variety of bracelets, earrings, pendants and other classic jewelry made of gold and precious stones. In addition is the most popular souvenir is a felt carpet. Such carpets are made of sheep's wool and decorated with national patterns. You can enjoy the end of your car renting tour by getting as souvenir doll in in national dress, made of wood and fabric, decorated with embroidery.


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- Organization of meetings at the airport
- Rent a car for a long period without a driver
- Rent a car for a short period without a driver
- Car rental with driver
- VIP Car Rental


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