You will be able to get acquainted with new horizons, territories of such a beautiful country as Kyrgyzstan. Our company provides you with an excellent review of this ancient country full of unexplored beauty, wild nature and picturesque landscapes. Tours are organized with the help of various travel agencies that have a long experience, and we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the principles and details of their work.

Agencies have been working for many years and their work is particularly important and necessary. They can help you how to behave in the country, how to enter it and how to leave it.

We describe our work as love for tourists, for the universe, and of course for our beloved country. Our company can provide a diverse selection of cars for rent, which can be used by any tourists. Our tours will differ in levels of complexity, details, some features, and attractions that tourists can see.

What do all tourists like? Of course, these are all-wheel drive cars. Tourists will be able to go on a tour and see the most interesting and remote parts of Kyrgyzstan, which are among the most beautiful. Our company advises you to rent a car as a jeep, as you will learn on the tour that the roads are not very good, they are gravel and dirty.

About 93 % of the country is covered by mountains and the country is also home to mountain gorges, rivers and lakes. Where you can also enjoy outdoor activities: hiking, trekking, horse riding, or rafting. The tours offer a great opportunity to enjoy communication with local residents, nomads who live at special heights. Car rent service was created so that tourists could marvel at the mighty mountains, as well as be surprised by the hospitality of the people of Kyrgyzstan. In tours, nights are spent in guest houses, or in yurts, where you can feel like nomads. In the first cases, comfort awaits, while in yurts, tourists are expected to explore customs and traditions. If you spend the night in a Yurt, then there are also provided dinners. It is also important to know that toilets are often located on the street, along with showers, which is very rare. With our company, you can see all the beautiful views of the country, landscapes, with full comfort that we can provide you.


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