Lenin Top as a chance to see the heights

In this article we will tell about Lenin Peak which you can reach in our tours. Our company offers car rent service in Kyrgyzstan. Lenin Peak is located in the Osh region, on the border with Tajikistan, its height is 7134 meters. In Tajikistan, the mountain is known as Ibn Sina Peak, and in Kyrgyzstan, it was proposed to rename this peak as Manas Peak, although a mountain with this name already exists. It is the third largest peak in the CIS and the second largest in Kyrgyzstan. Lenin Peak is the highest in the Zaalai range and the fifth highest in the Pamir Mountains.

The first explorer that discovered the Trans-Alai Range and its highest peak in Kyrgyzstan via scientific tours in 1871 was Alexey Fedchenko. At first, the mountain was called Kaufmann Peak, in honor of the first governor-General of Turkestan. The first ascent was made in 1928, when a team of two Germans and one Austrian reached the summit, which at that time was the highest point ever conquered by man. Remember about our car rent service in tours. 

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