Currency unit is an important aspect for drawing up a travel plan in any country. Of course, tourists will be interested in the topic of currency, because they will consider how much money they need to take for a tour, for Kyrgyzstan rent cars service, for food and everything else. Basically, during the travel tour, you will pay only in the national currency of som and in rare places in dollars. Many places have slopes that only accept local currency, so exchange your money at banks in Kyrgyzstan.

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Currency rates in different banks of Bishkek may differ. However, it is easier to exchange currency at banks than in the regions or at bazaars during your travel tour of country with Kyrgyzstan rent cars service. State banks operate from morning to 5 pm. Currency exchange offices are also available, which are open 24 hours a day. During the travel tour, in some places you will be able to pay with Visa and Master card credit cards, but in others you will not. Kyrgyzstan still prefers to use cash for now.

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