Traditions, as well as the recipe of oriental dishes, are observed and preserved for centuries Ignorance of the Eastern rules can sometimes lead to sad consequences, and incorrect behavior at the table-offend the hospitable host. This exactingness gives оriental cuisine a special sophistication and attractiveness. Moreover, our company offers a car rent service, on request you can book during tours.

In Kyrgyzstan lepeshka is really popular.You can try it during tours in Kyrgyzstan.  It is a baked product made of dough, mostly round and flat. Boorsok is made in oil. In addition, it is important to split with hands.

Beshbarmak (translated from Kyrgyz - "five fingers") is one of the most popular national dishes not only of the Kyrgyz, but also of all nomadic peoples. Since ancient times, beshbarmak was prepared during large toi (translated from Kyrgyz-a holiday, a feast) and served to honorable and respected guests. The dish got its name from the method of consumption, beshbarmak is traditionally eaten with the hands, that is, with the whole five fingers. Beshbarmak is a meat dish that is prepared from boiled horse meat, lamb, beef or mountain yak. In the old days, the dish was also prepared from the meat of a mountain goat or venison, obtained by hunters.

Highly nutritious meat dish. It is usually prepared on big holidays, holidays, during the autumn slaughtering of livestock. For chuchuk, you need kazy, kabirga, guts, salt, red and black pepper, onion, garlic, cumin, bay leaf. Cook the chuchuk carefully, at a low boil, over low heat.

There are many recipes for kuurdak. A common feature of all kuurdaks is the roasting of pieces of meat. In the Kyrgyz version, meat pulp and onions are usually used.

Shorpo is a strong and fat meat broth that can contain carrots, potatoes, noodles and herbs. Shorpo is ubiquitous on the territory of Kyrgyzstan, but the recipe for its preparation can be very different depending on the place of residence. For example, in the northern regions of Kyrgyzstan, almost no seasonings are added to shorpo and the entire emphasis is on long-term cooking of meat broth. In the southern part of the country, on the contrary, a large number of aromatic spices and ingredients are added to shorpo.

It is one of the most common dishes in the Middle East-by the will of heaven received the greatest development in Uzbekistan, where the classic technology of cooking pilaf was created. Pilaf is used to meet a newborn and accompany the deceased, pilaf is prepared for a wedding, a meeting of the guest of honor, an anniversary, and just in a family circle for lunch.

The Samsa is not just delicious dough with meat, but also a masterpiece of eastern cuisine, which is cooked in a clay oven "tandyr". This is the most popular dough product in Kyrgyzstan and throughout Central Asia, unless the bread "lepeshka" can compete with samsa.

Manty is a traditional Asian hot meat dish. Dough with meat filling, steamed, this is the manty.

Lagman is one of the most delicious dishes of national Uzbek cuisine. This dish is made with simple products, but chef's hands turn them into a real masterpiece of culinary art. Where has lagman originated and what country owns a right to call the dish its national is a controversial question. The roots of its originations go back to the ancient China, but the recipe had been changing and supplementing under the influence of the culture of Uighurs, Dungans and other nationalities.

Ashlyam - Fu
Both the best tandoor samsa in Osh, and the best in Kyrgyzstan ashlyamfu (ashlyam-fu or ashlyan-fu) in Karakol.  During our tours with the help of car rent you may visit and try.The city's signature dish, its gastronomic business card. Like samsa, they try to fake it in other cities of the country, always leaving the inscription "real Karakol ashlyamfu"on the signboard of the cafe where it is prepared. However, it can only be real in Karakol. The fact is that ashlyamfu has an unusual taste. And all because of the pieces of starch combined with pepper and vinegar. Ashlyamfu is a cold dish.

Shish Kebab-a dish made of pieces of meat strung on a skewer and fried on a fire.

Dymlyama is a traditional very tasty dish of Uzbek cuisine. Dymlyama is a mixture of specially stewed vegetables.

Ganfan is a dish of Uyghur cuisine, it is very similar to another meat dish - lagman. Only instead of noodles, rice is used as a side dish.

If you are hungry, there is nothing easier than to satisfy it with a plate of hearty and rich borscht with beef. Red, smelling of garlic and herbs. Who will refuse? Each hostess has her own recipe for borscht. And even if you repeat someone else's recipe, you will get an absolutely individual taste. This dish is so magical.

Like many other popular dishes, the cutlet was invented in France, and translated from French, this word means "rib". Previously, the cutlet was a very interesting dish. They took a rib, beef or pork, and wrapped it with two layers of meat pulp, so that it turned out like a tortilla in shape. Then this cutlet was fried. The bone inside was absolutely necessary, because it was so convenient to eat the cutlet with your hands. Then, when the cutlery-knives and forks-appeared, the bone inside was no longer needed.

It doesn't matter how old an Asian is, whether he is a baby or a century-old man, a bai or a simple shepherd, but he always has a kurt in his pocket. In any case, this was the case in the past centuries and has not changed much today - kurt is still a favorite salty delicacy in Central Asia.
This is a high-calorie fermented milk product of the nomads of Central Asia, dried in natural conditions, a cross between salted dried cottage cheese and hard young cheese in the form of balls of different sizes.

Rich soup with vegetables and small pieces of homemade dough.

Dumplings are made like this - a thin rolled circle of dough is put in a meat (sometimes fish) filling with spices, the edges are pinched. If you put cottage cheese instead of meat, you will get dumplings. There are even rare fruit dumplings.

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