Rules of rent

Conditions to rent a car without a driver in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan:
- Driver's age must be at least 25 years old
- Driver's license
- Passport
- Certificate of employment - for citizens of the CIS

Using of cars:
- Daily mileage should not exceed 250 km. In case of exceeding the surcharge will be $ 0.35 for 1 km.
- Travel abroad must be coordinated and agreed with the "Caravan Rent".

Delivery of cars for rent:
- Free delivery - around the clock, all days, without holidays and weekends in any city (Almaty, Dushanbe, or Bishkek)

Car hire rates include:
- Car insurance
- Repair of the chassis of a vehicle

Payment accepted:
- Through cash
- Credit card system of Visa и Master Card
- Bank transfer

Terms of Payment:
- Upon receipt of the vehicle, the total price has to be paid for rent
- Paid the amount of $ 1000 as a security deposit in the preparation of the car and returned to the client when you return transportation.

The deposit can be partially or fully kept in case of:
- If broken rubber, broken glass - charged amount of the damage
- If scratched or crushed the car:
         if the damage is less than 500$ - we keep the amount of damage for repair
         if the damage is more than 500$ - we keep 500$, the rest is covered by insurance
         if the vehicle is totally crashed - we keep 1 000$, the rest is covered by insurance. 

Terms of car rental with a driver:
- All the payment for rent has to be done one day before renting
- Cancelling 24 hours before - no penalty, less than 24 hours - 30 % of forfeit. 

Our company is specialized in providing car rental with or without driver! Our car rent company is pleased to provide you with excellent service of renting cars at competitive prices. Documents of car rental in Bishkek is prepared in a few minutes. We have a wide range of types of cars among which you can choose the most suitable one in Kyrgyzstan. For more information about our car rent services you can learn by writing to our e-mail. Our managers will select you a car that matches your goals in Kyrgyzstan. Car rental in Kyrgyzstan is convenient and acceptable. We will be glad to help you find the best car rent offer in Kyrgyzstan

Our company offers the following:
- Rent a car for a short period without a driver
- Rent a car for a long period without a driver
- Car rental with driver
- VIP Car Rental
- Organization of meetings at the airport


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