Dungan house of worship

Tour in Kyrgyzstan means a possibility to travel to ancient places of the country, especially the Dungan. It is famous place, religious place. When boarders come here they are usually are told of the history of the mosque. It is rather interesting, not only foreigners are interested, the locals as well.

According to history, the mosque was created in 1877. The creation was made by those people who made so-called tours from China to live at the territory of the mosque. As they reached it, a community was created. These people wanted the mosque to be of a good building, that is why they called architect Chjou Siy to help them. About 20 people were making a help. So, the building was built without metal and nails.

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In order to travel with no problems here it is required to take rented cars and start the investigation. We offer to pay attention to colors used here. They have special meaning as red against evil spirits and yellow for wealth and green is happiness.

There were sad times for the building and the people here. In the Soviet Union it was prohibited to believe any religion. Territory of Kyrgyzstan was not an exclusion, and in the 20th century no one could be the member of mosque. But in the result of WW2, the Muslims in good intentions helped the government with the money, so allowance was given. Today being in Karakol don't forget to visit the Dungan mosque.

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